Sunday, 1 June 2008

New Cards

Just had one of those weeks where I feel like all the cards I've made are rubbish and I was so unsure about uploading these cards. I enjoy the colouring in of the images, but when it comes to the layout and papers I just get lost. I look at all your beautiful blogs and you are all so great at layouts and colours and knowing what to do. I really have thought about giving it up this week, which I've never done since I started 2 and 1/2 years ago. Wish I could get my inspiration back any suggestions welcome to get me out of this rut, thanks for looking and for all your very kind comments. Thank you Trina for the Rachelle Anne Miller image I love them
Jill x


  1. These are all gorgeous, you must not give up. I have times when I just cannot seem to get going so I look around at blogs and magazines for new ideas. x

  2. Oh Julie like Natty all I can say is don't give up your cards are beautiful. I also get times when I don't like what I am doing I usually have a go at some of the sketch challenges as they give me new ideas. Sue :o)

  3. WOW, you have made so many cute cards. Love the colors and the details

    Hugs from

  4. I think your cards are GREAT!! We all have trouble with layouts and matching our colors. I think I told you when I last emailed you that it takes me at least 4 hours to make a card!! I play around with papers for a long time! Do take a chance and try out a sketch that you really like, it helps!!
    Your welcome for the image, you did a amazing job with it, your card is beautiful!

  5. These cards are all Beautiful!! You shouldn't even think about giving up. Sometimes though at least I find this....choosing papers can be a real task and take a long time. For myself...I am to try and use the papers from the same stack to make a card...(hope I am making sense here) otherwise I tend to go through all my paper which takes ages..In most paper stacks ...the paper matches. A good sketch always helps too...but simple can be Beautiful!!...Hugs, Ila